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Case Studies - Pain

Case 1: 

A 35 year old woman has been under regular chiropractic care with us.  She has had multiple car accidents and is very physically active as both a dancer and a yoga instructor.  She has had 2 major complaints: (1) low back pain with shoot pain in her tail bone, and (2) a chronic neck spasm and associated pain that prohibits her from participating fully in dance and yoga.  Gentle chiropractic adjustments using an Activator and Sacro-Occipital blocking technique reduces all of her pain to a zero, but does not completely reduce the tendency for her neck to be extremely tight with a reduced range of motion.  With the addition of a new energetic modality, called Frequency Specific Microcurrent, all of the tightness and reduced range of motion was gone after one visit.

Case 2:


Natick Chiropractor | Pain. Dr. Bonnie Wilens is a Natick Chiropractor.