Baby Colic

Case Studies - Baby Colic

Case 1:

A 6 month old baby boy was brought in with gas and abdominal pain. The mother said the baby had become more fussy around eating time, probably because it associated pain with eating. The parents were at there wits-end because of loss of sleep and did not know what to do to alleviate the screaming that occured after meals. We identified the foods the mother was eating that were passing through the breast milk and causing either an immunological reaction or that were not being broken down adequately in the digestive tract. We had the mother remove these foods from her diet. Also, we wanted to soothe the inflamation of the baby's gut using an herbal formula. Then we added a probiotic to restore the balance of its natural flora. Within a few meals, because offending foods were no longer present, the colic was gone. Some other symptoms we see in children like this are eczema, hyperactivity, irritability, diaper rash, urinary tract infections, yeast infections, ear infections, and frequent colds and runny nose.

Case 2:

An 8 month old baby girl was brought in with gas and abdominal pain accompanied by wide-spread eczema and dry patches of the skin. In this case, the mother had started feeding her daughter solid foods that she was not ready for. Those foods could be different for every child. With this girl, she was not ready for rice. We identified that her body was not able to digest it yet and had the mother remove it from the baby's diet. We used both soothing herbs and probiotics to heal the gut; the skin repaired itself within 2 weeks.

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