Skin Disorders

Case Studies - Skin Disorders

Case 1:

Because of the dramatic improvement in the 12 year old girl from case study 3 in Food Allergies, her parents brought in her 10 year old brother who suffered from both anxiety and pervasive carbuncle (dark purplish/red circular lesions) infections on his legs.  We found that a homeopathic remedy and a combination between hops and passion flower eliminated his anxiety.  Upon his second visit, the first words out of his mothers mouth were, "He's a happy boy!"   For the carbuncles, a commonly used herbal/vitamin anti-microbial formula completely cleared his legs of infection.

Case 2 :

The following study of a 9 month old baby boy can cross over into the subject of ear infections as well. The mother presented the baby with a 6 week history of ear infections, gastrointestinal stress, diarrhea, and fever. None of this, however, was the mother's greatest concern. The baby's trunk and legs were covered with a bright red rash - so red that it looked like he was wearing a red shirt. The mother also described that his anus was very red and swollen; we surmised at that point that the inflammation we could see outside on his skin also ran the length of the entire tract inside from ear nose and throat all the way down to the end of his digestive tract.

They had seen a pediatrician who recommended antibiotics for his ear infections. She said that after using the prescribed medication, he broke out into a rash. Unfortunately his ear infections did not improve. They continued the administration of 2 additional types of antibiotics. He broke out consistently after each dose. This is when she consulted with me.

We found that he was allergic to at least 3 different specific types of antibiotics. And not only did he still have a bacterial infection in his ears, but there was also the presence of a viral and a mycoplasma infection. We prescribed 3 different types of herbal antimicrobials for each of the types of infections. But equally important, was the administration of an herbal formula to soothe the lining of the entire tract from top to bottom and to restore the normal beneficial bacteria (flora) that was destroyed by the antibiotics.

Within 2 weeks, the little boys ears had cleared of infection, and because he was no longer using antibiotics, his skin completely cleared. At this point we wanted to determine if he had any chronic food sensitivities that might have contributed to the ear infections in the first place. We found a sensitivity to rice and this has not been an unusual find in small children and babies. This is disconcerting because rice is often one of the first solid foods given to babies - because people think its so easy to digest and hypoallergenic. We have found this to be untrue in many cases.

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