Case Studies - Gastrointestinal

Case 1:

A 39 year old female patient presented to our office with fertility problems. She was having problems conceiving a baby. You may be wondering what this has to do with gastrointestinal problems? Well, because the liver is one of the major organs responsible for the balance of hormones, where hormones are broken down and excreted through the gut, the health of the liver-gut axis is critical for hormone balance. Hormones are broken down in the liver to be rid of through the gut and kidney. If the organisms in the intestine are out of balance, they can produce enzymes that inappropriately put those hormones back together and re-circulate them through the blood stream. As a consequence, your hormones can be out of balance. With this patient, we simply gave her supplements that killed off the bad organisms and promoted the growth of good ones. Within 6 months, she was pregnant through natural means and today she has a healthy 7 year old daughter.

Case 2:

One of the most common symptomatic scenarios is the patient that complains of intestinal bloating, gassiness, intestinal sensitivity to certain foods, sometimes accompanied by symptoms such as headaches or skin irritation such as rashes or hives. They may complain about asthma or ear, nose, and throat problems. These scenarios are almost always caused, at least in part, by an imbalance of the organisms within the intestine. Where we usually start in these cases is with the 4-R program: Replace, Remove, Re-innoculate, Repair. That is, we Replace any digestive enzymes that are lacking both stomach or pancreatic; we Remove any of the harmful organisms that have overgrown; we Re-innoculate with beneficial bacteria - known as probiotics; and, we Repair the mucous membrane lining of the gut. This simple approach helps so many people.

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