Nervous Disorders

Case Studies - Nervous Disorders

Case 1:

Approximately 8 years ago, a 10 year old boy was brought to me by a his mother who was a nurse. He was using a walker because he was having extreme difficulty using his legs for the last 4 months. Upon testing him, the most obvious imbalance I could find was that he had a parasite in his system. Fortunately, I had just finished studying some of the work of Nicholas Abrishamian - a Chiropractic colleague of mine. "Dr. A's" work often focuses on the toxic by-products produced by microbes in the body and their effect on the nervous system. So I questioned the mother about the boy's history - such as questions like: "had they been travelling overseas?" The only thing that she could come up with was the fact that the boy had spent several weeks the previous summer swimming in a lake in upper Vermont. Being a nurse, she decided to treat him with Flagyl instead of the anti-parasitic herbal formulas from our office. Flagyl is a prescription anti-parasitic medication. Within about 4-6 weeks, the boy had completely recovered. Now, as a healthy 18 year old, he is an avid bicyclist, riding sometimes riding 10 to 20 miles a day. He is still a chiropractic patient and occasionally we will help him with nutritional issues that come up.

Case 2:

There were two different families, two different boys, but with very similar stories. One boy in his early teens and the other 8 years old - both displayed eye twitching a facial mannerisms that were disturbing to the parents, especially since one of the parents had a stutter. In both cases, the boys had food allergies that created a condition of immunological dysregulation and inflammation - both of which irritated the functioning of the nervous system. In both cases, the approach was the same: remove the offending foods (1 or 2), and calm down the inflammation of the nervous system, while providing nutrients for the nerves, such as B-Vitamins, Omega-3 fatty acids, and herbal extract of oat. In both cases, the boys cleared up within 2 to 4 weeks and are fine as long as they stay away from those foods.

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