Cornerstones Summary

Laying the Foundation for Health

With over 30,000 named diseases and the list growing yearly it has become apparent that the real answer to these disease processes lies with foundational functions that give rise to health function and correction of abnormal processes resulting in disease.

We adhere to a "7 Cornerstone" approach to the foundation of health, and from this approach over the past 15 years and experience with over 3,000 different people (and hundreds of thousands in our extended network of peer functional medicine doctors) we have found the body capable of correcting virtually all of the misalignments from healthy function that humans experience.  During your care here these 7 cornerstones of foundational health function will be addressed and balanced as well as possible, while also addressing the specific complaint that may have compelled you to seek care.  With this preventative natural approach to medical care, you stand the best chance of a long term resolution to the source of the problem (aka a Functional Medicine approach) that cooperates with your body's natural healing process.  Most people vastly underestimate the body’s ability to successfully achieve change and improvement because they have only tried fighting symptoms and disease while ignoring the underlying system functions.  This is what we base our success upon.

A "Cornerstone of Health" is defined as any major system of the body
that can be both a cause and effect of other imbalances.

The following 7 cornerstones of foundational health (each is a link to navigate for more information) are listed in order of deemed physiological priority, with the most important described first - although, in reality, they all depend on one another; that is, if any one of these subsystems goes out of balance, it usually adversely affects one or more other subsystems and serves a a red-flag of potential disease sometime in the future:

  1. Hormonal / Endocrine / Brain Chemistry: hormones and neurotransmitters are the first control system for creating HOMEOSTASIS (balance) - to initiate a systemic activation of healing and repair.  It is the most powerful system to activate the rest of the body at 7 glandular levels.

  2. Blood Sugar Management: many of our chronic diseases start with imbalances of our blood sugar and insulin, wreaking havoc with brain function inflammation, and other tissue damage.

  3. Inflammatory Status: if your immune system was an army, then inflammation would be the equivalent of just "bombing everything".  Many things can trigger an inflammatory response:  foods, toxins, microorganisms, hormones, allergens, injuries, and even stress of life by itself.

  4. Immune Burden: Is your body able to mount the appropriate response?  The immune response shouldn't be too high or too low; and it must distinguish between SELF vs. FOREIGN and separate NUTRIENTS (to be absorbed) from TOXINS (to be isolated and eliminated).

  5. Circulatory Status: Determines tissue nutrient status and the ability to detoxify.  Every cell in the body depends on the circulatory system to delever oxygen and nutrition and remove CO 2 and wastes.

  6. Acid / Alkaline - pH Balance: Over acidity, which can become a dangerous condition that weakens all body systems, is very common today.  It gives rise to an internal environment conducieve to disease, as opposed to a pH balanced environment which allows normal body function necessary for the body to resist disease.
  7. Digestive Potency: you must be able to absorb and assimilate nutrients and to detoxify and eliminate in order to rebuild tissue.  80% of the immune system resides in the GI mucosal barrier.

Our goal is to rebuild the conditions for health from the ground up and to correct pre-disease states before they become full-blown disease - to prevent the onset of disease. We believe your body has the ability to heal itself even from the worst situations if given the proper building blocks.

We employ various lab analyses and in office testing such as: blood chemistry, hormonal saliva testing, stool analysis, hair analysis, urinalysis, pH testing, various forms of food allergy testing, kinesiological muscle testing.

We use all natural supplements, techniques, and therapies to focus on repairing and maintaining the Cornerstones of Health.

Notice How Each Cornerstone affects all of the Others.

Imbalances in ANY part of the system throws off the WHOLE BODY
and creates


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