Ear Infections

Case Studies - Food Allergies

Case 1:

A 4 year old boy was brought in by his mother.  She said that he was not speaking yet.  He was obviously scratching his arms to the point of bleeding.  And, he would occasionally be very violent with her.   It was found that he had multiple food allergies and a viral imbalance that was affecting his nervous system.  Within one month of treatment using herbal and homeopathic formulas, he began to speak, and he was not scratching nearly as much.  We continued to be in touch with this patient for years, and watched the boy grow to a full recovery.

Case 2:

A 10 year old boy presented to our office having had severe stomach pain for 6 months.  His mother said that there were times when he would be curled into a ball on his bedroom floor.  She described a history of multiple respiratory strep infections.  Upon examining this boy, we found that he also had a strep infection in his gut that apparently had not responded to antibiotics.  We also found a dairy allergy - which is probably what led to a compromised immune system and a tendency for repeated infections.  We very simply took him off dairy and gave him an herbal/vitamin formula that eliminates strep infections.  They returned within 3 weeks symptom free.

Case 3:

A 12 year old girl came into our office with a 5 year history asthma attacks that would land her in the hospital and a history of multiple infections particularly in the winter.  Prior to seeing us, her parents had no choice but to use steroidal inhalers to control her asthma and multiple rounds of antibiotics each year.  Upon examining the child, two of her overwhelming features were a swollen face from the use of steroids and dark circles under her eyes - called "allergic shiners". We found that she had a dairy allergy.  We put her on herbal antimicrobials to rebalance the infections that she had acquired caused by the compromised immune system brought on by the extensive use of steroids.  We used an herbal/vitamin formula to repair the damage to the lining of her intestines, caused by multiple antibiotics.  And we re-inoculated her intestines with a concentrated form of probiotics, such as those found in yogurt to rebalance her natural floral ecology and boost her immune system.  Of course, we had them remove dairy from her diet.   She has just completed her first winter with no colds and no asthma attacks.  Because she no longer consumes dairy products and doesn't need steroids, the swelling and dark circles are completely gone from her face.

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