Case Studies

Case Studies - Introduction

In these case studies, you will be introduced to typical patients of varying ages, with a series of typical and unusual, sometimes debilitating symptoms together with their patient histories - some extending back several years. Many had previously been diagnosed through traditional allopathic techniques and treated without satisfaction in a timely fashion, while others fell through the "cracks" of traditional medicine without proper diagnosis or identification of a "catalogued" problem.

To help you find case studies similar to those of your family's concerns, we have organized the cases by symptom or region of concern.

What is interesting to contrast overall (as compared to traditional allopathic medical techniques as found in many clinical or hospital settings) is:

  • How si mple, n on-intrusive, and natural the diagnostic analysis is (i.e., no body fluids taken or sent to outside labs, no x-rays, no needles, no MRI's or CAT scans, no body stress tests, no residual bruises, scars, or punctures) - in fact, most diagnostic analysis occurs in one visit with Dr. Wilens using a series of touch points with simple muscle testing procedures.

  • All investigations aim to uncover the root cause of a problem - not just cover up the symptom, nor to ask the patient to repress their immune system and live with side effects of a one-symptom treatment medication. Such investigations often lead to healing the body of the side-effects of some unwanted unnatural allergen, parasite, virus, bacteria, mycoplasma, structural misalignment, or other irritant to the body's natural rhythms and functions.

  • Simple, natural remedies that work with the body's natural rhythms and complex interconnected systems to produce whole body healing effects.

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