Spinal Injury

Case Studies - Spinal Injury

Case 1:

A 45 year old male came into the office, bent over and walking with a cane like he was 90 years old. He told me he had a history of disc herniation in his lumbar spine. Upon examination, it became clear that he had a spraining of his sacroiliac joint which caused his hips to twist and his 3 bottom lumbar vertebra to rotate in alternating directions. These vertebrae sat above and below the injured disc. Within 7 chiropractic visits, we had straightened out the position of 8 bones in his pelvis. He was pain free, and walking upright without a cane.

Case 2:

A 50 year old woman presented to our office with herniated discs in both her neck and lumbar spine. She had pain into her right arm that the orthopedic surgeon thought was coming from the nerves and damaged discs in her neck. So he did surgery on her neck. The pain in her arm did not change with the surgery. After 3 sessions of cervical decompression (of her neck), using our FDA-approved decompression table, it became clear to me that the discs and the nerves were not the cause of her arm pain. After 3 sessions of myofascial trigger point work on the muscles in her right shoulder, her pain scale went from a 10 (out of 10) to a zero. For her lumbar spine, however, a combined treatment of chiropractic adjustments and use of our spinal decompression table, the radiating nerve pain in her leg was gone. One interesting additional fact about this patient is that she had chronic stomach problems - which most practitioners would think was unrelated to her spinal problems. In our paradigm of thinking, however, we see the connection between intestinal distress and its effect on the alignment of the pelvis. This patient learned to manage one of the biggest causes of her pelvic imbalance by treating the problems in her stomach.

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